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Alcohol Advertising & Young People
The industry has switched the focus of its estimated £800 million per annum marketing war chest to focus predominantly on digital marketing. As this is a form of communication heavily used by young people, this is a very worrying development. Approximately 67% of 12-15-year-olds have a social media profile and the voluntary safeguards that industry have put in place for television, radio and print advertising are virtually non-existent in the digital world.

Alcohol Advertising & Young People: The Facts
• There is a link between advertising and the amount that young people under-18 drink

• Alcohol advertising increases the likelihood that young people will start to consume alcohol

• If young people already drink, alcohol adverts increase the likelihood they will drink more

• Approximately 96% of 13-year-olds have encountered alcohol advertising in more than five different media

• 10-15-year-olds view more alcohol adverts on TV than adults aged over 25

“Whether deliberate or not, our results show that children
are not protected from online marketing of alcohol”

Professor Theresa Marteau, University of Cambridge

Alcohol Advertising & Young People