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Calories in Alcohol
Keeping track of your units is great for your health, but it’s not the only reason that you should keep an eye on how much you’re drinking. Alcoholic drinks are full of ‘empty calories’ that have no nutritional value you and can cause you to gain weight.

You might be surprised at just how many calories you’re having without even realising! Drinking fewer units is a great way to cut down on calories, feel healthier and lose weight. Just look at what you could be drinking on a regular evening:
3 Pints of beer is like having 2 burgers to help you relax. It's equal to 546 calories.
3 large glasses of wine is like having 3 donuts with your evening meal. It's equal to 510 calories.
6 double vodka and cokes is like having a medium pizza all to yourself. It's equal to 1080 calories.
Here’s lots of handy information that will help you keep an eye on how many calories and units that you’re having. Once you know more about alcohol and calories you should be able to manage your drinking more effectively and even lose weight as a result.

Drink Size ABV Units Calories
Wine Standard Glass (175ml) 11.5% 2 120
Wine Large Glass (250ml) 12% 3 170
Wine Bottle (750ml) 12% 9 510
Strong Lager/Beer Pint 5.3% 3 240
Strong Lager/Beer Bottle (330ml) 5% 2 140
Normal Strength Lager/Beer Pint 4% 2 180
Normal Strength Lager/Beer Can(500ml) 4% 2 160
Strong Cider Pint 5% 3 240
Spirits Single (25ml) 40% 1 55
Spirits Double (50ml) 40% 2 110
Alcopop Bottle (275ml) 5% 1.4 200
Baileys Double 18% 1 175